Who needs a vacation?

It’s April and spring keeps trying to break through. If you aren’t thinking about vacation, you haven’t been cooped up long enough. Once you start thinking about tropical beaches and drinks with umbrellas in them, how do you find the time? One option is Historical Excel Reporting for Dynamics GP. 

Users of Historical Excel Reporting tell us about time savings as high as 8 hours a month. Saving 8 hours a month gives you more than 2 weeks a year to take a nice vacation. Even a much smaller savings of 2 hours a month provides enough time for a good long weekend.

Getting GP’s historical reports into Excel is an incredibly painful experience. It’s not easily repeatable and there is a lot of room for mistakes. Yet, it’s often required for audits, bank reporting, or analysis. Instead of fighting each month trying to get historical AR, AP or Inventory data into Excel, just run the reports directly in Excel and use the extra time to get out of the office.

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