Weeeee’rrrreeee Baaaack! Podcast 2: Presenting Convergence

You didn’t think we would go away that easily did you? Oh, no, we’re like a fungus. We just keep coming back. Belinda, Shawn, and I return for podcast 2, Presenting Convergence…Yeah, you’ll understand after you listen.

In episode dos, (that’s “dos” as in Spanish for 2, not DOS as in MSDOS, I know my audience) we take a look at the new Microsoft Business Application Summit coming in the summer. Billed as the “convergence of events such as the Data Insights Summit, Convergence, and Dynamics 365 Technical Conference “, it’s literally the convergence of Convergence. Yikes.

As usual, anytime we wax nostalgic …er… talk Convergence (the now defunct/resurrected conference, big C), we end up talking about presenting. That normally leads to odd insights about our personalities. For example, I can’t watch videos of me presenting, and Shawn locks his family in a room and makes them watch his presentations, stuff like that. It get’s a little weird.

As usual, Belinda is her charming self, though I’m confident she edits out brilliant insights by Shawn and me, just because she can. I don’t actually know this for sure because of course…I can’t listen to myself either. She did however manage to trick the folks at Stitcher into carrying this podcast, so I’ll forgive her for anything I made up about her.

As usual, the latest show is available in the right sidebar as well. We’re up on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podomatic. The folks at Google still refuse to recognize our genius. I think it’s just the petty jealousy common in Silicon Valley, so we’ll rise above it…for now.

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  1. >> …we’re like a fungus. <<

    Mark, Belinda, & Shawn: Our podcast will grow on you!

    Me: Why not? It's growing on the couch… [bah-dum-dum-dum…tsssshhhh!]

    Steve Erbach

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