You Have to Start Somewhere

This is the start of my new Microsoft Dynamics GP (known aliases Great Plains Dynamics, eEnterprise, Microsoft Great Plains Standard and Pro) blog. I have some GP stuff on my website currently and I’m still figuring out how I’m going to incorporate that into the blog.

Currently, I’m the Controller for Transit Televsion Network, LLC. We used MS Great Plains 8.0 standard and are on the edge of needing the professional version. Prior to this role I was a consultant with epartners and Stanley Stuart Yoffee and Hendrix, two Great Plains resellers, for a total of about 4 years. I held all the basic GP certifications, Distribution, Financials, Integration Manager, etc. Prior to that I used Great Plains at Darden Restaurants.

I’ve been using GP since version 5.0 and have blogged about GP in my personal blog, but I wanted to separate my personal ramblings from my Great Plains halucinations.

Just to be clear, I don’t care about Axapta, Navision or Solomon. I have had a little exposure to Solomon and it’s nice, just different. But I don’t care, I use and know GP so that’s what I’ll focus on.

I hope you enjoy!

2 Replies to “You Have to Start Somewhere”

  1. Can you suggest me any material to successfully complete Great Plains 9.0 Inventory and Order Processing Exam? Will it be enough if I study the printable manuals available in GP?

    Please clarify.

  2. I always hated the GP exams. Since I don’t have to have them for my current role, I don’t take them any more! For me, the printable manuals were never enough. You really need the training manuals available from GP and if you’re going to go that far, you might as well take a class and get the manual with the class.

    In some cases, real world experience helps and in others it hurts. Most consultants have a groove where the they know what they want want the settings for a module to be about 90% of the time. That means that you forget about the stuff you don’t use and you tend to be biased toward settings you like. It screws up the thinking process.

    Inventory and Order processing is a huge modules with lots of little pieces. It will be really hard to pass with just the GP manuals. Look into the training manuals at a minimum.

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