Weekly Gotcha – Batch Transactions

In most of the batches in Great Plains, when you are working with a batch there is a big transaction button in the lower right. The logical conclusion most people come to is that this brings you to the first transation in the batch you have listed.

Nope. Wong. Nada. Nyet. Fooled you again.

I don’t know WHY they didn’t make it work this way, but they didn’t. The actual behavior is that is takes you to a new record, at the END of the batch you have listed. But, this can get you where your want to go. You can:

1) Click the Transaction button and work your way backward through a batch of transactions.

2) Select the batch right BEFORE the batch you want, click the Transaction button. Click the forward arrow and move forward through the batch. The batch will change you the next batch (the batch you want) and you are off and running.

All of this assumes your sort type at the bottom is set to Batch ID. Sometimes it just helps to know you’re not crazy and they didn’t design they way you would have.

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