Weekly Dynamic: Workflow PO Total Problem

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There’s a problem when using the new GP 2013 R2 Workflow with Purchase Orders. When you submit a PO for approval through the new workflow the P.O. total is 0 (zero). This is because PO total isn’t available until the PO has been released, but the PO doesn’t get released until it’s approved. It’s a weird catch 22. I’ve really only found one good work around and that’s to have the user who is submitting the PO put the total in the workflow comment. Realistically you need to add the line items to the email so the approver will see the line items and could add them up to confirm the total.

You really need both, a total without detail is really tough for the approver. Detail without a total adds to the approvers work because they have to add it up. I’m hoping this gets fixed in GP 2015 but for now this is the only workaround I’ve found.

This is NOT an issue for Requisitions. Totals work correctly with requisitions. It’s only a problem if submit PO’s for approval.


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  1. Hi, it’s been over two months since your post, I wonder if you found any other workaround.

    Also, did you test in GP 2015 if the problem was solved?

    Thank You

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