Weekly Dynamic: Submit Questions for New GP Exams

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A while back I wrote that killing the certification exams for Dynamics GP (and other  Dynamics products) was a bad idea. The exams were far from perfect, but they conveyed at least a baseline competency and a willingness to keep up with the latest versions.

I still think that certifications are an important differentiator. Despite some visual similarities, GP 2015 is dramatically different improved over GP 10 or 2010. Items that were gotcha’s in those versions are now strengths. It’s important for users to understand the differences and it’s even more important for consultants as we help companies get the most out their solution. Certification is an important part of preventing complacency and promoting competence.

It’s with that in mind the standalone Association of Dynamics Professionals was formed to develop independent exams and certify Dynamics Professionals.

Here’s were you can help. We are trying to build a tiered set of exams to allow for levels of professional development. We are hard at work creating the first set of exams for Dynamics GP professionals (other folks are working on other Dynamics products). If you are interested in submitting one or more questions for the exam, we would love to have to your help. A ton of work is going into this to make sure that we have solid, relevant exams, so you’ll have to do some work, not just shoot questions into the air.

If you’re interested in submitting questions for consideration in and upcoming GP exam, please go to credentialing.dynamicspro.org and follow the instructions there. You’ll have to watch a video on what makes a good or bad exam question and there is a process to follow. I’ve submitted about 20 so far and it’s both a rewarding and challenging process. We’d love to have your help and we’re looking forward to delivering a set of exams that are relevant and effective.