Weekly Dynamic: GP 2013 R2 Document Attach Setup

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GP 2013 R2 changes the way document attachment works in GP 2013. Files are now uploaded to the database instead of a file share. This change happens as part of the upgrade. However, there are still some document attachment features that can be turned on via Administration>Setup>Company>Document Attachment Setup.




There are a couple of key settings here:

Allow Document Attachments: This lights up a dedicated ATTACH button in places like Payables and Sales Orders. This turns on the ability to do more than just store documents. You’ll need this on to use functionality to email documents too.

In the top section you can set a default location and enable the option to delete the file after it’s attached.

Maximum file size: This sets the maximum file size for emailing a file. Typically this should be somewhere between 10 and 25 megabytes for most corporate email systems. This is important because getting it wrong means that emailed items won’t be delivered.

Allow attachments to be deleted: This controls whether attachments can be deleted and whether a password is required for deletion.

Below this are controls for flowing attachments from master records and adding default attributes.

Send documents in email: this is the master switch for allowing emailing of documents.

Typically you’re going to want to at least turn on attachments to light up the Attachment icons, even if you don’t want to email attachments.


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