Weekly Dynamic: Column Sizes in SmartLists

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Sometimes when working with SmartLists you end up with a lot of headings that have long names but the data inside is short. Maybe the specific data is represented by a 0 or 1 to indicate Off/On. Maybe it’s a short date with a really long name/description.

There is an easy way to reset column sizes to the longest piece of data in the column. In a SmartList, select the separator bar in the header. Your cursor will change to arrows to indicate that you can drag the column width to make is larger or smaller. Instead, double click.

The header will resize based on the longest piece of information in the columns. Longer portions of the header will be hidden. This can make the header harder to read, but by then, you probably already know what the header is and you’re trying to compare columns without them falling off the screen.


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