Trick or Treat

Yes it’s October 31 and you know what that means, year end is 2 months away! Even those of you on a different fiscal year have calendar year end things that need to be done, in the U.S. there’s the ever popular 1099’s and W-2’s among other things.

That’s the trick, here’s the treat. This is a good time to take another look at Accolade’s Year/Period End Closing Procedures book. The books covers versions 8 through 10 so if you’re on 8 or 9 you’re covered even through your next upgrade and if you’re already on 10, your good for at least 2 more years since 11.0 isn’t due until 2009. Personally, I hate slogging through printing, organizing and following each checklist for each module from CustomerSource and then doing it again the next year. Get all the pieces and advice for year end in one place.

(FYI, they’ve got a pretty nice newsletter too!)

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