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What in the world is up with Management Reporter? News about a new partnership with Jet Express. Thoughts on if it’s time to ditch Management Reporter.

Now Jan Harrigan is asking Is it time to ditch Management Reporter? 

Alright, here is my analogy.

Management Reporter is now a Ford Crown Victoria. The Crown Vic was a great car for a road trip. It wasn’t flashy, it didn’t have the hottest technology, it either ran pretty well, or it didn’t depending on your specific car. But it was a heck of a couch on wheels. We took a two week road trip across the Southwest in a Crown Vic and it was a great cruiser.

At some point though, you knew that the Crown Vic wasn’t going get Bluetooth, or USB ports, or a big touch screen. The shifter would stay on column and the trunk would always hold 3 bodies.

The Crown Vic was serviceable, but you could see that it wasn’t getting much in the way of upgrades and it was probably not going to survive too many more model years. The fact that they don’t make the Crown Vic anymore doesn’t mean that every Crown Vic suddenly stops running.

So while MR is still included with GP, and will still get some updates, it won’t get that shiny Bluetooth upgrade or a bunch of USB ports, and the updates it does get will be more like more changes to the taillight trim, like those last few models years of the Crown Vic.

Microsoft will probably hate this analogy, but if your Crown Vic, er MR is running fine, it should run fine for a good long time. Plenty of time to figure out your next ride. But if your Crown Vic, yeah, MR, doesn’t run so well, it’s nice to know that you have options coming.

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  1. After reading this yesterday (and loving it BTW) I kept thinking about the analogy. You really hit the nail on the head Mark. In my head I kept taking it further:
    • Do you want good gas mileage or more metal around you when you drive?
    • Do you want to park easily or be comfortable driving down the Interstate?
    • Don’t panic into a new car just yet, if your Crown Vic is running well. Take your time and make a wise car buying decision and/or wait until your car is old and/or almost out-of-date; there are a lot of great cars available today.

  2. Here’s my question regarding the analogy:

    When we bought our transportation system, we understood that it included both the garage and the Crown Vic. Now we are being told that when the Crown Vic dies, we will have to go out and buy a 3rd party vendor’s car? You mean we thought we were buying a “transportation system” but we are left with just the framework, the garage?

    When we bought our accounting system (Dynamics GP), we believed it would include a structure for capturing accounting data, as well as a reporting function. Something that would allow us to compare budget to actual, for instance. When MR becomes “unsupported”, will there be NO reporting included with Dynamics GP? We’re left with just the garage full of data? And no vehicle to report it out?

    1. You will not have to purchase Jet Reports for GP Financials. There is a free version that will be available for financial reporting. You can also continue to use your Management Reporter for years if you like. It’ll be quite a while before it’s completely gone. FRx technically went away years ago, but still some people use it efficiently. I hope this yelps.

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