SQL Saturday Follow Up

Here’s some quick highlights from SQL Saturday in Orlando.

  • The Reporting Services Session was completely full and was repeated at lunch. This continues to be a hot topic in both the SQL  & GP world.
  • SQL Saturday Tampa will be 1/12/08
  • The facility & organization were phenomenal
  • I now understand CASE statements in SQL. Woo Hoo!
  • David Eichner of ICAN Software did a nice job of explaining econnect and where it fits in the universe of GP integrations. He also tap dances well when his laptop & the projector don’t play well together.
  • It was nice to hang out with pro-Microsoft geeks. I get tired of the anti-MS  negativity from the Apple & Linux crowds. It seems that love for the blue monster is alive and getting noisy.
  • I got the SQL Reporting Services bug again and started playing with it over the weekend. Expect to see some SRS stuff soon.

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