Security Tips in Microsoft Dynamics GP – Victoria Yudin

Victoria Yudin has a SQL view to show security roles and tasks in Dynamics GP

[Note: a previous version of this post linked to a article that reprinted Victoria’s view, word for word including her comments, without attribution. Instead of  just removing that post, I’ve replaced it with Victoria’s excellent original. We’re all for sharing but creators deserve credit.]

4 Replies to “Security Tips in Microsoft Dynamics GP – Victoria Yudin”

      1. Thanks for your support Mark! I can’t believe how prevalent this is in such a small community. Do people think it will make them look worse if they mention they got the code somewhere else instead of writing it themselves? Do they think no one will notice?

        1. I’ve called a few out privately on my own stuff, they always remove it, but I’m prepared to do it publicly. I think I have a loud enough mouth. I feel like, at least do some work. Take my stuff and improve on it, do something to make it uniquely yours, give me credit, do something. (heaven knows no one is going to pay for it).

          If you see anything like that again on my site let me know. I try to watch for it, but there’s too much content. This is what, 6 years later? Geez.


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