Power BI & Power BI Mobile Feature

Big revelation: If you have Power BI open to the same dashboard on your computer via the Power BI website and on your phone, when you move elements on the website, they move/reorganize almost immediately on the phone. This makes getting the mobile experience right much easier!

I’ve been doing some personal things with Power BI and Power BI mobile on the iPhone and one of the challenges when you layout a dashboard is that a layout that looks good on big monitor doesn’t always work well on a small screen. Power BI does a great job of reorganizing elements (charts, data points, etc.) to fit on a smaller screen. If you have two elements next to each other on a big screen, Power BI mobile presents them one at a time, vertically, to better accommodate the smaller screen of the phone.

My problem was that I had about 10 elements and I really wanted them in a particular order on the phone. I was less concerned about the desktop because the added room makes it easier to view things at a glance. But I just couldn’t get them quite right. I tried across then down, down then across, but one element always seemed out of place. That’s when I fired up the mobile client simultaneously and saw that every change I made to the dashboard on the web was mirrored on the phone.

I was expecting to have to hit refresh and maybe fiddle my way through it, but the experience was much better than I expected. This bodes well for Power BI with Dynamics GP.

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