Pennies for Taylor


In case you missed it, my friend, co-presenter, MS MVP, GP Lifehacker, and all around good guy Shawn Dorward’ son Taylor was involved in a near-drowning accident. Taylor survived through some heroic efforts but has a long road back to recovery.

At the GP Tech conference last week, David Musgrave of Winthrop Development Consultants offered to donate 10% of his sales through 9/30 to help pay Taylor’s medical bills. Kevin Rasmussen of Ethotech is matching that offer. I going to join in with the same offer. 10% of any sales of Historical Excel Reporting between now and September 30 will get donated toward Taylor’s medical bills.

David Musgrave has a longer post with more details on Taylor, including a great video from Belinda Allen. Make sure to check out David’s post at:

#GPPT #BPST PLEASE READ: Special promotion for Pennies for Taylor


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