Websites Down

Both of my websites, and are down. I took the server down to attach a UPS and in the process my cable modem reset. Now it won’t come back up. Brighthouse says they have a problem and are working on.

If I could get naked DSL I’d consider switching but Sprint isn’t much better than Brighthouse. Additionally the IP’s will probably reset so I expect to be down for a day or two while they work their way through the internet.
I can post thanks to a Verizon air card.

IBIS Buying MBS business of InfoVision

I’m much more concerned with day to day Great Plains issues than with what’s going on with resellers, but for those of you in Charlotte, IBIS of Atlanta is buying the MBS business of InfoSys. Here’s the story.

Web Based Access to MBS GP Newsgroup is Down

If you click on the FORUM link at, MS redirects you to a can’t find the page site. Web access to all of the MBS Newsgroups via Microsoft seems to be down.

Update: Saturday, Access is still down. I have no idea what’s going on.

Weekly Feature: Seeing Red

I’m swamped this week so I’m falling back on an oldie but a goodie. A surprising number of long time users still don’t use this so I’ll cover here. What is it? Show required fields on a form in RED.

In Great Plains select Tools>Setup>User Preferences or in some versions, Setup>User Preferences, or pick the User Preferences Icon from the shortcut bar.

Select Display. On the right under Required Fields, set Font Color to Red and Font Style to Bold. Click OK and you’re done.

Required fields throughout the system now show as Bold Red.

Office 2003 SP2 Now Available

MS Office 2003 Service Pack 2 is now available. You can get it here. Why should you care? If you are an Office 2003 user with GP, there is a host of Excel and Sharepoint fixes which may make your life easier. Not to mention new anti-phishing features in Outlook. You can also get it at MS Office Update.

No word on the GP side if there any issues with Office SP2. I’ll be installing it today and I’ll let you know if I see any.


As I work to build, I was unhappy with the News section of the website. MBS tends to have news cycles around their meetings (Convergence, Partner Meetings, etc.). This has the effect of making the News section look stale after a while. So I’ve decided to add the blog info to the main page of the website under the News/Opinion banner. This will let me keep the front page fresh and be able to add MBS info all in one place. Website Temporarily Down

Instead of shipping excess power workers to New Orleans, Progress Energy sent them to my house to swap out my meter. In the process, the webserver didn’t come back up correctly. I don’t know what’s wrong yet and won’t be able to fix it until tonight. That’s one reason why the website and the blog are hosted separately.

Light Posting this Week

I’m swamped with work work this week so it may be a light posting week and I don’t expect to get as much work done on the website as I would like. I have some SQL scripts and downloads ready to setup but I’m not sure I’ll have the time this week. Maybe I’ll cut back on those 6 hours of sleep a night!