MVP Summit Recap

Half a dozen or so GP MVP’s went to the MVP Global Summit at Microsoft this week. We can’t talk about much because we all signed a non-disclosure agreement so they would show us cool stuff. There wasn’t any GP content, but there was plenty of SQL Server, Excel, Power BI, Dynamics 365 and other stuff of interest.

There are some conferences where I leave physically exhausted because I walked my butt off, or because the stress of presenting has finally worn off, or because I don’t get out much and there’s not enough of a break during the days.¬†The MVP Summit is mentally taxing. It tends to generate an ADD-like swirl of ideas and possibilities, some of which won’t be realized for years. I’m worn out just trying to keep up with the ideas, not mention their execution.

When I hop between a lot of different product sessions, it’s easy to get a sense of insecurity. I often feel like an impostor, like I snuck in with all the smart people and they tolerate me because it’s too much work to kick me out. Yet, a lot of things I learn here end up helping with day-to-day issues. Sometimes ideas from the MVP Summit, trigger a different way of looking at an unrelated problem. It’s always been worth the time and effort to make the trip to Redmond.

On a side note, with my work at Fastpath, I work with security in all of the Dynamics products. The AX MVP’s were ¬†particularly friendly and hospitable to their GP counterparts and I want to say thank you for everything.


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