MVP Not Renewed for 2018-2019

Like Ian Grieve, and a number of others, my MVP status was not renewed for 2018-2019. Also like Ian, I had more activity than in past years, including releasing books for GP 2016 and 2018, while doing the same or more speaking and blogging.

The MVP renewal process was a mess this year and I’m not really sure what else I could have done or why I wasn’t renewed. Frankly, I don’t plan to do anything differently. I don’t post, speak, and write for Microsoft. I do it to try to help users. Microsoft is free to recognize that or not.

In that vein, make sure to check out the security hole we found in GP, along with a fix. I suspect some users will care more about that than about whether or not I’m an MVP.

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  1. My MVP renewal did not happen last year and the most frustrating thing about it was I found that I had no one to discuss this with at Microsoft. Over the years I have tried to contribute as much as possible to the GP community. Now that Convergence no longer exists I find it difficult to attend conferences. I really should go to GPUG but being the owner of a small firm there is not the time nor money. Perhaps when it comes to the east coast I will be able to do so, Regardless, I will keep contributing and keep gathering followers. As long as the GP community as a whole recognizes us we should be satisfied. They are the ones that truly matter.

  2. Mark, this sucks and Microsoft keeps their streak of making the GP community feel like April’s Fools alive.

    Next thing up for Microsoft is making it mandatory that GP administrators and users have to work in their basement, storage room B.

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