Lots of Dynamics GP Table Resources

New Rule: If you tell me that you can’t find table resources for Dynamics GP I will hit you. Well not really, but I’ll want to.

Dave Musgrave has updated his seminal newsgroup post on where to find table information and added it to his blog. Victoria Yudin continues to add to her list of table resources now with POP information. I’ve still got my Excel based table reference and my presentation on GP Table Resources on the blog.

So if you can’t find table information, you’re not trying. Now, if you tell me that you’re having trouble figuring how join some tables, I might still be sympathetic to that request. If you’ve ever seen the GP ERD(s) you’ll understand. But asking me what table does blah, blah, blah is lazy and if anyone is going to be lazy on this blog it’s going to be me.

The problem is that many times the joins someone wants to do are somewhat unique to the report they are trying to create. I’m sure that we could come up with a few typical ones but that’s a pretty slippery slope.

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