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A number of MVP’s were helping me out with some Analytical Accounting issues the other day and we all started talking about what a pain AA is. It’s hard to report off, budgeting is a nightmare, partners burn a lot of goodwill and hard earned money implementing it, and what most users want is a simple way to tag additional information on to GL entry. Something like Multi Dimensional Analysis (MDA).

MDA still exists, it’s technically installed with AA, but Microsoft tried to kill it off a few years ago. When users pushed back, MS relented and gave us back MDA, but with a price. MDA was deprecated, no changes, no fixes. Then when Management Reporter came out, it wouldn’t report off of MDA data. That was nearly another death blow, but MDA lives.

We think Microsoft should end the toxic experiment that is AA and give us back MDA. At least give us bug fixes and the ability to report off of it via Management Reporter.

Make no mistake, this is an uphill fight. Ian Grieve compared it to the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars. You can help make a difference by voting for this item on MS Connect. Here is the full link:

Please vote. We could really use your help to make GP better.

[Sidebar: After a lot of jokes comparing various MVP’s with certain Star Wars characters, we degraded from Star Wars to Space Balls. I’m now John Candy’s character Barf]



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