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I have been on every side of the ERP world. I have been a customer and a consultant multiple times. I’ve implemented and supported both sides of the fence. Six years ago I moved to the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) world with Fastpath and I wish I had made the move sooner.

If you like helping people but are tired of the travel, if 6-18 months on the same project doesn’t excite you, or if you’ve finally had your fill of month-end close, we have a spot for you.

Fastpath is growing and we have two positions open in Client Services. We are looking for a Client Education Manager and Associate. We like to hire smart people and see all the cool things they can do, so both positions are remote. These are training positions, but our training sessions tend to be short, focused, and often consultative. It’s the fun of helping people, without the travel and massive time commitment.

At Fastpath, a Client Education Manager develops and delivers training to our clients. This is an active training role. We deliver training remotely in 1-hour sessions. The Client Education Manager will also oversee training performed by Client Education Associates. You can see the full description here.

The Client Education Associate delivered training to customers and helps them understand how to get the most out of Fastpath. The full description is available here:

I’ve worked with some really great teams in the past and I’ve worked for some really great people. This company and this team are my favorite. Frankly, we simply treat people like adults. If you’re ready for something new, please apply.

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