Dynamics GP: Web Client Wednesday – Repair

I started DynamicAccounting.net to record things I had learned about GP that I didn’t want to lose. I still find myself searching the site for things I know I’ve covered at various times. Now I’ve got the web client bug. Mariano Gomez and Kevin Racer convinced me that I could do it and now I’ve got it up and running on Azure. As I play with it, I find that I want to document things I learn, so I’m starting Web Client Wednesdays. This won’t be every Wednesday, but I will keep the web client stuff on Wednesdays, to avoid cluttering up the Weekly Dynamic tips.

My first tip on the web client is around the install. I managed to screw up the install once. Then I decided to rework my domain and went through the install again. Plus I had to fiddle with the pieces to get everything where I wanted and not end up with an unwieldy we address.

In the process I learned about “Repair”. The web client installer takes a long time, so if you decide to redeploy, it’s a time sink to uninstall and reinstall. There is a utility for the web client, but all it looks at is the database connections. If you run into a problem and need to reset ports, change the account being used¬†or assign different certificates, run a repair in Windows Programs and Features. It gives you access to almost all of the install settings and it’s much, much faster.

I think there is one screen with a user and password for each client that I couldn’t get to via repair. I ran into this when I changed my domain. That time I actually had to a remove and reinstall. There may be a way to get there, but I couldn’t find it.

There you have, repair is your friend, remove and install is not.



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