Dynamic Future – Vote – Resize the Left Pane on Smartlists

This week’s proposed enhancement to Dynamics GP underscores why it’s important check for existing suggestions before creating one. I know that the search on the Connect site could use some work but for the very simple suggestion that the the left pane of the SmartList window (the one with the Smartlists, not the one with resulting data) should be resizable. There are currently at least three suggestions totally eight (80) votes across the three. I ‘ve suggested that these be merged but we’re going to pick one to vote on.
When making the SmartList window full size, the left hand side takes up an inordinate amount of room but it can’t be resized. It can’t be shrunk to get more room for data. I would like to encourage you to vote to add this functionality into the next version of Dynamics GP.


This functionality has been requested in items 531731 (39 votes) , 670303 (11 votes), and 549102 (30 votes). Thanks to everyone who created these, let’s see if we can really emphasize that we want this fixed.

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  1. Mark,

    I appreciate your initiative in creating momentum behind worthy product suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to review the suggestions and for using your reach to positively influence the future diection of Dynamics GP.

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