Don’t Believe All The Microsoft Sales Hype

David Musgrave says Don’t Believe All The Microsoft Sales Hype

I say that the ERP market, and the mid-market in particular, is a mess right now. For customers, if you’re even marginally happy with what you’ve got, keeping it and making targeted improvements is your best bet.

Microsoft’s cloud products are still pretty immature, Netsuite is figuring what its acquisition by Oracle means. Intacct is working through its acquisition by Sage. There’s more going on in the market, but that’s enough to make any market messy.

For partners of any ERP system, my advice hasn’t changed, ever. You’re running a business. Run it like a business. No ERP vendor is going to coddle you or ensure that you make money. Pay attention to the marketplace and adjust as necessary to keep your business running.

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