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Fastpath Update blog series – Platform

In addition to module updates, the Fastpath team added a number of cross-module improvements to our platform in 2020. Some of these updates added significant power to what users can do, while others improved usability.

Check out the list at:

Fastpath Update blog series – Identity Manager

Fastpath’s move to the cloud a few years back opened up significant opportunities for ourIdentity Manager features. In 2020, we added even more. Check out some of the highlights at:

Fastpath Update blog series – Access Certifications

Access Certifications was extremely popular in 2020. In my Fastpath Update blog series I look at new features added to Access Certs last year. Be sure to checkout the full post at the link below:

Fastpath Update blog series – SOD

I’ve got a short blog series running on the Fastpath blog. In it I highlight some of the new features that came out 2020. Up first is a list of SOD enhancements.

Be sure to check out the post at:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Fall 2020 – Additional User Defined field in General Ledger Transaction Entry – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

This should be helpful to clarify JE info. Of course, notes is always available, but that seems to be harder for people to find. It’s certainly harder to report off of.

In the General Ledger Transaction Entry window there are now two new user defined fields. When users enter transactions into the General Ledger, they like to add information/comments regarding the tra…
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Microsoft Dynamics GP Fall 2020 Release fixes recent Word template issue – azurecurve

Microsoft Dynamics GP Fall 2020 Release fixes recent Word template issue – azurecurve
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Automate full General Ledger Reconcile – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

In case you’re confused, this new feature refers to the Reconcile routine, a troubleshooting utility, not reconciling the GL to a sub ledger.

You no longer need to select one year at a time to reconcile! You can now select “All” to have Dynamics GP reconcile through the years oldest to newest.
In the Reconcile Financial Info…
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Microsoft Dynamics Fall 2020 Release has shipped! – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

couple carrying cardboard boxes in living room

I don’t think I need to add anything to this.

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Dynamics GP has released!
The October 2020 release includes over 20 new features across the system we are excited to show the functionality we have been …
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Microsoft Dynamics GP Fall 2020 Update – Upgrade Troubleshooting – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

From the GP Team:

Today’s blog post will be a rehash of previously published information regarding upgrade troubleshooting. Since the main process hasn’t changed for the upgrade itself, the troubleshooting poin…
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