Microsoft Dynamics GP Fall 2020 – Modified Dictionary Upgrade – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

Don’t miss the full upgrade series including things like modified dictionary upgrades.

After upgrading the DYNAMICS or Named System Database and your Company Databases, you will need to remember that if you have any modified forms or reports.dic files, those need to be upgraded as …
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Microsoft Dynamics GP Fall 2020 – Version Checks & Upgrades – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

Upgrade time comes with version checks.

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again where we begin to look at how the upgrade process for Dynamics GP Fall 2020 works and how to troubleshoot issues.
Each time you launch Microsoft…
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Show Workflow Approval Status of posted Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger batches – azurecurve

I would love better workflow approval reporting. Until we get that, this helps.

Show Workflow Approval Status of posted Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger batches – azurecurve
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Word Templates will not Email/Print after Office Update – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

Sometimes updates break stuff

Hello Community,
Sorry to interrupt your expected stream of upgrade goodies, but we wanted to inform everyone about an ongoing issue with Office builds released on September 8th, and was li…
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Dynamics GP and Year-End Update Upgrade Planning – Let’s Get Started – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

It’s that time of year…upgrade time

Hello GP Community!

We have another release coming up, and another blog series to highlight the release. This post is going to cover the planning phase of your upgrade.

First, as a…
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Dynamics GP – Error “Item number/location code does not exist in inventory” integrating via eConnect – The Dynamics Explorer

The Dynamics Explorer documents a missing site assignment with econnect.

This one crops up every now and then on support so I thought I’d document on my blog. The error indicates that the Item in question hasn’t been assigned to the site via the “Cards > Inventory > Item Quantities” window. To fix this go to “Cards > Inventory > Item Quantities” to open the…
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Announcement – new case tracking system for Dynamics – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

coding computer data depth of field

There is a new case tracking system for GP.

Hello GP community!

Where has the summer gone? Fall is just around the corner here in Fargo bringing with it some changes in the weather. (sigh) And we are experiencing variations here in Suppo…
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Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow Payables Batch Approval email not including Word template – azurecurve

Ian has some issues with Workflow Approvals not using the Word Template.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow Payables Batch Approval email not including Word template – azurecurve
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Dynamics GP – Stranded records in PM20200 causing Invoices to go to History incorrectly when applying payments in Bank Management – The Dynamics Explorer

From The Dynamics Explorer comes an issue with stranded records and history.

The Issue When a user was creating payables payments in the bank management module via “Transactions > Financial > Bank Management > Batches > Payments” they found that when they applied an invoice the invoice would go straight to HISTORY even though the payment hadn’t yet been posted. As a consequence when the user did…
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Musings – It’s time to let go of the COVID guilt

I’ve decided to start a regular, or irregular, column with my current musings on my personal site These musings are as much for me as for anyone else. Expect random streams of consciousness and don’t assume that my position is fixed on any opinions expressed. Also, don’t expect Dynamics content.

I’m shooting for weekly on Monday morning, but this is subject to my whims. My first musing is up at and reprinted below.

Today’s musing, it’s time to let go of the COVID guilt. Times are hard for a lot of people, but not for everyone. Despite the challenges, people still work, marry, and have children. Life goes on, even if it’s a little weird. Some people will have used this time to do something good, lose some weight, tackle that novel, remodel a bathroom, whatever. It’s can be tough to feel good about accomplishments when others are hurting and when so much around us seems out of whack.

Let it go. Don’t feel bad for doing something good. 

On the other side, if you’ve put on a COVID 15, binge-watched your way through Tiger King for the 7th time, and not bothered to clean your bathroom, it’s still okay. Everyone is dealing with the oddities of 2020 differently. Let go of the guilt and move on.

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