SQL View to return most recent five purchase orders by vendor – azurecurve

Ian Grieve gives us a SQL View to return most recent five purchase orders by vendor – azurecurve
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SQL Script to update vendor and customer email addresses – azurecurve

SQL Script to update vendor and customer email addresses – azurecurve
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SQL Script to get all accounts set as available in Purchasing lookups – azurecurve

From Ian Grieve comes:

SQL Script to get all accounts set as available in Purchasing lookups – azurecurve
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Working from home with Microsoft Dynamics GP: General Recommendations and Troubleshooting – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

With more folks working from home, the GP team is trying to help.

“We have begun to see more questions in regards with Microsoft Dynamics GP and users working from home that they may not be used to and running into some issues.
In an attempt to be proactive, we…”
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Dynamics GP Email Troubleshooting Guide – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

From the GP team, we get help troubleshooting email issues. This is even more important these days when so much more of our communication is digital

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Is Microsoft Dynamics GP calculating Payroll taxes correctly? – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

Payroll taxes are getting a lot more complex as we talk quarantine and stimulus packages. Get some help from the GP team.

“You know, that is a great question. Many times in support, we will get questions on our payroll tax calculation as users may feel it may be incorrect. Or how do we back into this complex m…”
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Sales Order not transferring to an Invoice – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

If you’re having issues transferring a Sales Order to an Invoice, MS may have the solution.

“I’ve had this case multiple times so I wanted to share some things to look at if you are having trouble transferring a Sales Order to an Invoice and there are no errors indicated on…”

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On Order field in the Item Quantities Maintenance window shows a quantity, but there are no Purchase Orders listed when zooming to view the details – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

From the GP team:

“… information and troubleshooting tips around the On Order amount on the Item Quantities Maintenance window. If you go to Inventory >> Cards >> Quantities…”

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Should you be considering Dynamics 365 Business Central?

From Bob McAdam at: https://www.gpug.com/blogs/bob-mcadam/2020/02/19/lets-discuss-bc-february-26

,,,Last October in Orlando, I asked four trusted partner friends if they would talk freely & openly about Dynamics 365 Business Central during a Summit roundtable event.  Each one agreed, without hesitation.  Now I’ve asked them to reconvene on this same topic for those in the community who missed this session or were unable to make it.

Please join the superb crew of @Rod O’Connor@Windi Epperson@Tanya Henderson, and @Shawn Dorward, MVP as they once again host the discussion topic “Should I be Considering Dynamics 365 Business Central” as a virtual event.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday February 26th at 11am EST / 8am PST and bring your questions.  A registration link is below, so please carve out some time to join us as it’s imperative that everyone have the facts here, not just sales jargon.


All of these folks are people I count as friends. They are all incredibly smart, talented and worth listening to. Make sure to hit up the link and join in.

Select Checks scenarios that do not pick up Invoices to be paid. – Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

From the GP teams comes a few scenarios where the Select Checks process does not pick up Invoices during the build process as this is a common issue we see in support.
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