New Hot Fixes

There are new hot fixes out for:

  • Field Service 8.0
  • Safe Pay
  • Field Service, eService and eTech 7.5
  • Analytical Accounting 8.0

On a personal note, why doesn’t the Great Plains knowledge base have an RSS feed?
The September items added to the knowledge base are here. Happy hot fixing!

IBIS Buying MBS business of InfoVision

I’m much more concerned with day to day Great Plains issues than with what’s going on with resellers, but for those of you in Charlotte, IBIS of Atlanta is buying the MBS business of InfoSys. Here’s the story.

Web Based Access to MBS GP Newsgroup is Down

If you click on the FORUM link at, MS redirects you to a can’t find the page site. Web access to all of the MBS Newsgroups via Microsoft seems to be down.

Update: Saturday, Access is still down. I have no idea what’s going on.

Office 2003 SP2 Now Available

MS Office 2003 Service Pack 2 is now available. You can get it here. Why should you care? If you are an Office 2003 user with GP, there is a host of Excel and Sharepoint fixes which may make your life easier. Not to mention new anti-phishing features in Outlook. You can also get it at MS Office Update.

No word on the GP side if there any issues with Office SP2. I’ll be installing it today and I’ll let you know if I see any.

Light Posting this Week

I’m swamped with work work this week so it may be a light posting week and I don’t expect to get as much work done on the website as I would like. I have some SQL scripts and downloads ready to setup but I’m not sure I’ll have the time this week. Maybe I’ll cut back on those 6 hours of sleep a night!