GP 10 Table Reference is Done

Lucky for you, the day was full of good football games and I was able to finish up the GP 10 Table Reference while watching the games.

This is similar to the 9.0 Table Reference but bigger. Essentially this should be all the tables from a full install of CD1. Everything is broken down by product and series including temp files. It weighs in at just under 3,500 tables references.

If you need a quick reference for reporting or development this should be much faster than using Tools->Resource Descriptions. The file is in Excel 97-2003 format and has the tables both split out by product for easy reference and aggregated for easy searching. It’s Excel, hack it up in whatever way works for you.

This is version 1.0. If you find any mistakes please let me know. Building this file is a really time intensive process and there can be mistakes.

The previous Table and Column list for GP 10 has now been replaced by this reference in the download links. Enjoy!

Keyboard Shortcuts…for 10.0!

Jivtesh why do you torture me with these good Dynamics GP posts that I HAVE to link to? People will start to think that I don’t have original content here!

Jivtesh has keyboard shortcuts for version 10.0 with screenshots. It’s nicely laid out too! Go visit him. Again.

There’s some sarcasm for those of you unable to follow the toneless nature of the internet. I’m really thrilled at what Jivtesh is doing even if I’m a bit jealous today 😉

Weekly Dynamic: Rename Report Files for Archiving

A question came up in the GP Newsgroup today. MarcB wanted reports printed to a file to be automatically named by GP. This would ease the naming and archiving burden.

Well, there is a way to accomplish the end result, just not with the same method. In Tools->Setup->Posting->Posting you can specify that you want a report to always print to a file and name the file. This will give you a report with the same file name every time. This gets you part of the way there.

Next you’ll need a little VBScript (or something else but for this we’ve got a VBScript app) that will run regularly and rename the file. For this I’ve built a little VBScript app that simply takes the filename and appends the date and time to the end. So TrialBalance.txt becomes TrialBalance-2007-10-02-12-31-01.txt (October 2, 2007, 12:31 and 1 second). The file simply renames the original and puts it in the same location, so a network location is preferred.

Setup the VBScript file to run regularly using Windows Scheduler. This could be every 5 minutes, hourly or once a day. Whatever matches a reasonable frequency for your organization. You can combine multiple files in one VBScript app with just a little copying an pasting.

Basic error handling is included so if there’s no file to rename, you won’t see any error messages. Instructions on where to change the file name and path are included in the file along with notes on how to rename more than one report.

The script file can be found here or in the Download section on the right. It’s free and you’re welcome to make changes for your organizations. Yes, it works in Vista and not it’s not limited to GP related files. You could use it with anything.


DynamicsGP Table Reference is Now Available

My DynamicsGP Table Reference document is now available on Simply register and go to the Downloads section to get the table reference.

This table reference is very useful for developers or report creators, especially when using Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services with DynamicsGP or Great Plains. The table reference is an Excel file with worksheets containing core GP tables and tables for other GP addons.

As a reminder, registering gets you access to the scripts and download areas, along with our archive of Weekly Dynamic articles so you don’t have to sort through old blog entries. We will never sell, rent or transfer your information to anyone else and we won’t spam you with email. We have yet to send a single email to our registered users. We prefer RSS for communication so that you can be in control.