Excel Team Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

For those of you analyzing data from Dynamics GP in Excel, the Excel Team has compiled a giant list of Excel keyboard shortcuts…and this is only part 1 of 3! Get the list at Excel Team Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts – Part 1 of 3.

Delete all but Master Files in Dynamics GP

In a new post by Leslie Vail, she looks at how to Delete all but Master Files in Dynamics GP. This could be a requirement when moving from a test environment to production, or for restarting due to acquisition or recapitalization. Leslie doesn’t present a be all and end all solution but is starting a list. Help her build the list. I’ve added the list link to the Download area.

Free Addon Add’s Dynamics GP Click-To-Dial Functionality With Most IP Phone Systems

The folks at Landis Computer have enhanced their very nice Dynamics GP Productivity Pack to now include the ability to dial phone numbers directly from GP for various IP phones. More information is available on their blog post Free Addon Add’s Dynamics GP Click-To-Dial Functionality With Most IP Phone Systems.

Getting Table and Field Data out of Dexterity Dictionaries in Dynamics GP

David Musgrave has a new post up today with Dexterity code that can be used with the Support Debugging Tool to pull out a table reference for GP 2010 so you can have both table and field information in one place.You will have to download it to get the field reference. The field information is too big for the Excel app online. I’ve updated the link in the Downloads area as well.

This means that I’m leaving the classic GP 2010 table reference available as an online reference but the downloadable version now includes fields as well.

Dynamics GP 2010 Excel Based Table Reference

My Excel based table references for Dynamics GP 9 and Dynamics GP 10 have been downloaded more than 3,000 times so some of you like them. Now I’m happy to announce the availability of the Excel based table reference for Dynamics GP 2010.

This version is in the Excel 2007 and up XLSX format since most people upgrading to the latest version of Dynamics GP will be moving to newer versions of Microsoft Office. There are viewers and converters available if you are on an earlier version of Excel. If you desperate want an XLS version send me an email and I’ll send you one.

As before, this tool shows all of the tables in Dynamics GP based on their Module and Series. This versions gets a few enhancements. Specifically, each of the lists already has filter handles, better identification is provided for modules in the core Dynamics dictionary and modules in the Dynamics dictionary get their own tab in addition to having a tab for each series.

Some people really get this tool and some don’t. Yes, all of this information is available in Dynamics GP | Tools | Resource Descriptions. Yes, it’s all available in the SDK and the Support Debugging Tool. But there are time when I’m writing reports or code and I don’t want to take the time to open Dynamics GP just to find a table name. There also times when I’m not sure what table I need and the search functions in Excel are a huge help.

I have to give a big thanks to David Musgrave. New features in the Support Debugging Tool made compiling this file significantly faster. It’s still time consuming but it’s hours not days.


Support Debugging Tool Portal

The Support Debugging Tool is one of my favorite tools because it makes advanced features more accessible. Now the Support Debugging Tool has it’s own portal. Think of it as one location to point folks too for all things related to the Support Debugging Tool for Dynamics GP.


Running a SQL Command Against All DB’s

Running a SQL command against all DB’s seems to be the topic of the week. Developing for Dynamics GP has two options. Mariano Gomez has a third option and the Newgroup is full of information.

So if you have a lot of GP databases now you know where to look.

Use VBA to Stop Multiple Logins by a Single User

Also from Dave Musgrave, who seems to have caught a nice case of the blogging bug, VBA code to prevent users from logging in to multiple companies at once. This can be a big deal if your company is using most of its licenses. Dealing with users who have been denied access because several users are logged in to multiple companies is a real pain. Dave provides a nice way to deal with it.

If you’re not registered for modifier and therefore can’t use VBA, you can of course buy modifier. Alternatively, you can use SQL to provide a list of people logged in more than once. When combined with a well communcated policy and a daily list that goes to say, the CFO, this also does a good job of preventing multiple logins. It’s just not as elegant as David’s solution.

Dynamics GP 10 Security and Roles

It’s almost Thanksgiving and Jivtesh is talking roles in GP 10. No, not dinner rolls, quit thinking of your stomach! I mean security roles. With all the security improvements in GP 10 you’ll want his handy Excel based reference covering the task permissions for each of the built in roles.