Analytics for Dynamics GP

Yesterday I launched Analytics for Dynamics GP, with a Starter Edition Sales dashboard. This is an easy to use, pre-built, Excel based dashboard for GP Sales data.

The idea for this started at the 2013 GPUG Summit. I’d written a book about building Excel based dashboards for Dynamics GP.  I’d done a number of well received presentations on the same subject, But somewhere along the way I still didn’t feel like Excel dashboards were getting enough traction.

The problem with dashboards is always getting started. What should be on the dashboard?  Where do you start? What should it look like? Where does the data live?

As I wandered the expo looking at Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, all of them promised access to GP data and easy to build dashboards, but no one offered pre-built analytics. I decided to create some pre-built dashboards for GP. After all, when it comes to the subledgers like sales, cash, purchasing, and inventory, the structure is the same for every GP company.

I wanted to create a shortcut to getting started with dashboards. I wanted a tool that could be used in production, but could also be used to learn from and build on.  I wanted it to be dead simple to install, easy to secure, and gorgeous. That’s what Analytics for Dynamics GP is supposed to be and I’m really happy with the result.

Some folks who had early access to Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics GP liked it too:

MSDynamicsWorld call is Drive Thru BI which I think is a great way to describe it.

MVP Leslie Vail calls it “…the truly painless way to get started with Excel dashboards.”

Gianmarco Salzano of The Closer fame said, “… it’s time for everyone to benefit from Business Intelligence (BI)

Mahmood Alsaadi believes “In Dynamics GP, decision making has been absolutely enhanced with the new plug and play Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Blogger Vaidy Mohan commented that  “In my personal opinion, this is a simplistic and satisfactory BI solution which meet its promises pretty well

Get Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics GP now and have it up and running in your business in minutes.



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