Houston we have a podcast

Belinda Allen, Shawn Dorward, and I have a started a podcast. You can get the first episode here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/mbspodcast/episodes/2018-03-26T08_39_17-07_00 

The podcast will be up on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever great podcasts are sold for free, just as soon as they recognize our greatness…or we get approved in those stores. It’s pretty much the same thing.

We’re calling it the MBS podcast for Mark, Belinda, & Shawn. If you thought MBS was a throwback to the old Microsoft Business Solutions days, it’s time to step out of 2003, upgrade that Nokia flip to an iPhone, and join us in 2018. We have Teslas here in the future.

(PS: If you thought MBS stood for More Bullsh*t, you fit our target audience.)

The podcast concept is three Microsoft Business Solutions MVP’s talking about stuff that interests us. We’re too busy (and a little too lazy) to have a bunch of guests, so if we do interview someone, they’re really special, or they keep hanging around while we’re recording. On the plus side we like to talk to each other so we don’t care much if people are listening. We also lie…a lot. Mostly unintentionally. Mostly.

More seriously, people seem to like to hang around and listen at dinner (or later) when we chat after conferences. When we do GPUG Ask the All Stars sessions, no one asks anything and it devolves into a random conversation, but people don’t leave the session. It’s a little weird. So we figured, if we’re gonna have these conversations anyway, let’s give people the chance to listen in.

It’s gonna be nerdy, and geeky, and often irrelvant. When we talk at lunch, we chat about things like GDPR, blockchain, PowerBI, Belinda turning wood, how we like Shawn’s wife better than him, Dynamics GP, D365, some random book I wrote that you will never read, you get the picture. The podcast will be just like that…only worse.

To give appropriate credit, if this turns into a massive success, it was a joint effort. If it fails miserably, it was really Belinda’s idea. Then again, the Excel Shootout was Belinda’s idea and it turned out just fine, until we almost put someone’s eye out with a nerf gun.

Help us out and listen in on our weird podcast journey.

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